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[24 Dec 2004|09:47am]

[ mood | Mad at wat he did to her ]

Heres a somg I wrote about my best friend. She was malested by her step-dad I think he still is though. Tell me wat you think-

I never thought that it would come up
I never thought id see the day
When little hands would fail
Agianst an old man with evil ways
the taers will fall
but no -one really knew the reason
Nights alone in the bathtub
Watching the blood take her down

The mirrror that she holds
Reflects only what we know
The feelings that are so cold
Hold the things thta only she knows
Her body like a playground
For old men to play
She runs and hides her problem
Until she meets the day.....
When she cries!

More than 1 life broken
More that 1 heart tore
More than 1 tear fell
On the broken door
A house with a secret
this place is in disguise
Its a torture crambur or her
Its deep in her mind

The mirrror that she holds
Reflects only what we know
The feelings that are so cold
Hold the things thta only she knows
Her body like a playground
For old men to play
She runs and hides her problem
Until she meets the day.....
When she flies

No food to cleasnse her hunger
Shes made an image of herself
She thinks that shes unpleasent
But shes an angel in everyway
Her face is so pale
from the lose of the blood
But her heart seems to grow
In ending all that shes known
She wants to be held
To feeel that shes loved
If only she knew
how much I love
but sadly
Not till her end comes
Can she live in freedom
She’ll fly with the angels
In the sweetest heaven

The mirrror that she holds
Reflects only what we know
The feelings that are so cold
Hold the things thta only she knows
Her body like a playground
For old men to play
She runs and hides her problem
Until she meets the day.....
When she dies


When shes an angel the only reminder she’ll have
Is the scars on her wrist
That were made by his hands


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[27 Sep 2004|05:13pm]

Here's another one.

"Teardrops and Bloodstains"

I gave you the power
To mend my heart
Or tear it apart
You chose the latter
As if my life never mattered
And now I’m considering the end

Left with a future, bleak and forsaken
I plan to fall asleep and never awaken
With tear-soaked pillows and bloodstained sheets
I’ll slit my wrists and cry myself to sleep

There’s nothing left for me
Pulling away from this
With a razor to my wrist
I’m falling under
My world torn asunder
And now I lay bleeding and broken


Take away my only reason to live
Your actions, I can never forgive
Strip me of every single thing
That could ever mean anything

Avoiding a future so bleak and forsaken
I’m falling asleep to never awaken
I’ve suffered wounds that can never mend
I say goodbye, because this is where it ends

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Old memories, Old poems [25 Aug 2004|11:39am]

[ mood | groggy ]

stumbled upon this community. muchos thanks for letting me join. dead due to lack of sleep, therefore, a very nice old poem shall be inserted in.

What a Hail of Superstitions

The butterflies
fell spinning
from the dazzling sky
in thunder clouds of
and as they fell
they pierced ancient cloth
umbrellas &
reminded us
of the fragility
of our past.
& i recalled
the myths the
wrinkled old sage
of former years
used to tell me
around dying fires
i knocked the oak door
three times for
good luck
and blinked in
each direction

As much as i'd like
to bleed it
i'm asked
to hide it

i'm dancing
secretly in
gardens i've
created with
among dead lilies
that brighten up
at the passing
of a deader creature
and silent animals
raped of their
who look on
in wonder
ponder ponder
who is it
stamping on my home?
as i bless all
those dew dipped
leaves with
the crimson that pours
from every
cynical peice of hair...
what if i were to
wrap myself with gauze
and imprison myself
in this false protection?

The lessons you learn

you told me to live
with my heart
but my head got in the way
too much
so i resorted to
pounding music and
pounding men and
pounding lungs to
distract me.
& i knew
i was slowly slipping
to become the person
you once saw in your
& i knew
it tore you apart
& i knew
i never knew
how to

all titles are bolded. yeah. thanks for your time.


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Old Poem [18 Aug 2004|11:34am]

the end is a tunnel twisting and turning.

i try to breath but i feel the burning.

the fire inside that makes me ache.

i feel like hell until i break.

ashes burn like cinder and char my skin

this rude awakening is doing me in

god hates me so i hate him back

he singes me and turns me black!


Thats an old poem. Tell me what you think, personally i think its bad =-/

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Let's whore this thing out!!! [08 Jul 2004|01:54pm]

OK people, it's time we get some new members here. It's time to start whoring this motherfucking community out!!
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poems. [02 Jul 2004|04:13pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, I was invited to join the community so I figured I would add some poetry i already had on my computer. You can find these linked on my website. so - check em.

I see your fear
the blood, sweat, and tears
You just want to grab that knife
cause you cant handle your life
You gotta stop hiding
all that bull sh*t and crying
and just... face... Reality.


Laying in my bed
Noises in my head
The memories and the flashbacks
Im afraid to go outside
wondeirng where hes gonna hide
Hes trying to get me
I pray he will forget me

Hands over my face
I'd just wish he'd erase
out of my head
All this emotional abuse
I sware its no use
(please just leave)
Hes trying to get me
I pray he will forget me

Old man in the dark of night
Please stop youll never win this fight
With all the nonscence and lies
Please stop and end my crys


You swore to me you loved me
and everything you said was real
A magical life full of unbelievable promises
and Dreams...
And then you died
Cause I killed you
By not feeling your love anymore


From the light of your eyes
My heart crumbles and it dies
I can see right through you
with all the hate and the lies
and all these fake promises

I cant sleep at night

So I cry
drowning myself in my own puddle of blood
I can bearly move
trying to put myself into a deep slumber
I can feel the joy inside

But My wounds heal
I just wanted to end now
the only thing that kept me alive
was from the light of your eyes

~Used Obsession~

You used me
Abused me
Did nothing but accuse me

It was my fault this had ended
no way it could had been bended

All the lies
and the cries
You just wanted me to die
cause you couldnt stand to be mine

What about the fun?
The "I Love You Hun"s?
but alls you wanted was a gun
because you wanted me done

As you saw me hurting too
this doesnt bother you
alls i can think is "you f*cking jew"

What about our passionate emotions
the private devotion
now its just one big comotion

I can feel your hate and fear
alls I knew was the end was near
it can only bring a single tear

You asked me to do things to you
so I blew blew and blew
But I guess it wasnt good enough for you

I tryed to be your perfect girl
but I ended up making you hurl

you were such a selfish boy
alls i was to you was a toy
so it only left me with "oi"

You left me in purgatory
its so dark, gloomy, and gory
that leaves me with one hell of a story

Both of us were just a catalyst
a chemical reaction we couldnt fix
which leaves me with a tool and my wrists

Drowning in a pool of blood
there was nothing that could stop this flood
II knew for sure I was done

Dripping all over the floor
it was you who I adored
but my obsession was now over...

-Cassandra Jane

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This one is rather long... [18 Apr 2004|05:11am]

[ mood | high ]

Battle of an Inner Demon

Living in wake of a nightmare
Lying drenched in a fearful sweat
Shivering, jumping at every small noise
Eyes darting about, ever suspicious

What could have frightened you so?
What monster plagues your soul?
What inner demon rages inside?
What unanswered question burns in your mind?

A blood curdling scream fills your head
You clutch at your ears, fighting to cease it
But it does no good, the sound filters through
You claw at your head, leaving behind bloody scratches

Set it on fire! I’ll be rid of the sound!
Your emotions leak out, fueling the kindling
But you need a spark, to light the fire
Your demon rushes past, wing tip caressing the ground

He swoops in, going in for the kill
His wings graze the ground
Sparks are showering all around
You step into his path, aware of your fate

Little flares erupt where his wings kiss the ground
Closer! O! If only he could come closer!
You pray, entreat Lucifer, Hades the Devil and Satan
That his demon come closer and end your torture

He soars closer, circling, taunting,
Knowing full well what you want
The flames about him flare rampant now
You pray one of the catches to seal the deal

Finally, success! After an agonizing eternity
Your feet burst into flame, envelope your body
They surge ever upward, licking at your face
The scream in your head disappears

It is drowned out by your own screams
Screaming as your soul is ripped
From your mortal body with sickening snaps of bone
Your immortal self floats now, looking around

Behold! Your new home! Behold! Your new Master!
Harken unto him, for he rules you now
Gaze into his eyes, prostrate yourself before him
You begged for his mercy, but alas!

The Devin shows no quarter
He takes what he wants, no thought of others
So now, you ponder. Was it the right thing to do?
Should you have cried out to another instead?

Entreated your Heavenly Father?
Begged mercy of the great Goddess?
Would they, perhaps, have shown love?
It’s too late, unfortunately, to try now!

Once you make a pact with Lucifer,
His Holiness turns a blind eye
The Goddess of aye ignores your cry
No one shows mercy, no one longer cares

So the deal is done. Signed in blood
By your own hand. To the Devil
Does your soul belong now
But, what of your immortal fate?

You may have escaped a horrible mortal life
But, alas, you must spend the rest of eternity
In his service, suffering, doing his bidding
The price paid, for battling your inner demon.

The End…

Or is it?

prepare for death.

Just some old shit... [16 Apr 2004|11:00am]

Thoughts of an Empty Mind
I sit alone, shunned, abandoned
My mind is home to a holocaust of emotions
I feel shame, anger, sadness
The memories slay my spirit and drive a fierce dagger through the heart of my broken soul.
I lose all sensation, all emotion
The battle of morality rages in my psyche
I can feel my last nerve being plucked... plucked by a cerebral assassin
My heart, my soul, my mind... my all is gone

Looking Over
I'm looking over the edge of eternity
All that lay beneath me are broken hearts and promises
I stare into the nothingness, wondering
Is there such thing as eternity? Mortality?
Is there a heaven or likewise, a hell?
Or are we already living them out?

Like a small child, I cry
I cry because I'm afraid of all that lay beneath me
As I look over the edge, I see lifetimes destroyed
I observe many things
Hate, deceit, depression, lonliness
All the sufferings mankind endures.

I cry tears of pain
Every time I see sufferings, I suffer
I see what a monster I helped create
Even the smallest thing I did had an impact on the future
And as I look over the edge of eternity,
My heart drops, and I turn away for the last time

My Own Cerebral Hell
I can't stop this pain
It eats at my flesh like leprosy
And tears my mind apart
Because I'm living in my own cerebral hell

Every word I say reeks of hate
Every breath I breathe is more rancid than the last
For I don't matter to myself anymore
Because I'm living in my own cerebral hell

I can't see straight anymore
I can't think clean thoughts
Nothing matters, everything changes
Beacuse I'm living in my own cerebral hell

I'd love to go on
I'd love to exist in more minds than my own
But those are just dreams
Because I'm living in my own cerebral hell

If you see me lying breathless in the road
Don't stop to help me
Just leave me to die alone
In my own cerebral hell
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January 10, 2003 [14 Apr 2004|02:33pm]


Here's some more depressing shit I wrote.  No title for it, so I'm just using the date it was written as the title.

January 10, 2003


On my knees

Teary-eyed, crying

Pain overcoming me

I’m slowly dying

Lost all hope

Too much to bear

Save your fucking breath

I no longer care

Fuck all your words

There’s nothing to live for

I’m looking back

There’s no point anymore

No reason to keep living

Yet so many to die

No reason to stay here

Yet so many to say goodbye

I’ve fallen now

I think I’m in Hell

Let me kill what’s left

Of this empty shell

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Taken Away [14 Apr 2004|04:25am]


Here are the lyrics to a song I wrote a couple years back.  It’s till unfinished.. This is just the first verse and chorus.


Taken Away


You took everything from me – stripped me of pride

Stole my soul and made me empty inside

I’m left with only the pain you’ve supplied

Every single thought’s become a vision of suicide

Leave me with only my loss and my name

I’m just another pawn in your twisted game

Hollowed out – just an empty void

Longing to rebuild this life you’ve destroyed


I only saw love in your eyes

Never knowing it was all a disguise

All your promises have turned to lies

And you’ve become all I could ever despise

prepare for death.

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